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Leander Stool Set
Member Price : HK$1,800.00


Children move all the time. Even when they are sitting on a chair. When your child sits on the stool, the stool is deigned to support the child’s need for movement. The movement of the seat makes sure that your child is seated with a good and natural sitting position and with the best conditions to be creative.

The stool set is designed with round edges and simple fine lines. The parts are easy to move and designed to used by children. When not in use, both stools can be pushed under the table so that they do not take up more space than the table itself.


  • Table: H: 48 cm, W: 73 cm, D: 58 cm

  • Stool: H: 39 cm, B: 52 cm, D: 25 cm

  • The chair is made of moulded, FSC certified European beechwood

  • Finished with water-based Lacquer

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